Monday, January 24, 2011

Yesterday, I watched about half of Dateline. It's a show I never watch, because it strikes me as only one notch away from EW, and I don't care for celebrity gossip. But TV was jammed with football, I'd just come in from shoveling (we got a very small amount yesterday) and I was defrosting myself near the electric fireplace.

The segment I watched focused on a woman who was shot three times in AZ. She's doing pretty well, although she was using a wheelchair. She was the woman who brought the little girl who was killed to the event. I felt a growing discomfort as I watched, sort of like rubbernecking.

First, she seemed way too composed and happy, to the point where I wondered if she was still in shock. Or maybe on sedatives? But her mind seemed clear, so I am not sure. Then, it seemed as if it was all about her. Her interviewer focused on the girl, but the responses felt very narcissistic. When she burst into tears, it seemed contrived.

That made me feel bad - here she has been through an awful ordeal, and I was feeling negative, judging her. What I finally landed on: enough. The media really is bloodthirsty. Parasites. Disgusting. And AHs like me are wasting our day, watching their crap.

Stop it. Stop the continuous, relentless coverage.

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