Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy Birthday to Bob! He took the day off, and we are going to Lee, MA.  We'll stop by the outlets, and then have dinner at the Salmon Run Fish House, which is amazing. It isn't a fancy place, but we routinely go to fancy places. This is casual, with great food. We did the same thing for my last birthday, sans the outlets; I hate shopping, but it is something he likes. The outlets are way more tolerable than the mall or a big box, but there is great risk of buying a shirt that's appealing in the heat of the moment because it is so cheap and from a famous designer, and then getting it home and discovering you hate it, because it is a really weird color of fits just a little funny.

Anyway, this will be a fun day in a spell that is my unwind month. Once grades are done and the holidays over, I resolve (not really a New Year's resolution, since I also do it in the summer - more a semester's over resolution) to do a bunch of things that have to keep during the semester. When classes are not in session, I have to recharge my batteries. Somewhat means relaxing but most of it is turning my attention to things that are different from academic work. Teaching can be very draining - that sense of always being "on." It's necessary to replenish energy during breaks.

I always do a little more exotic cooking than usual, bake a few of my standard apple pies, try a few new recipes. In the summer, I garden like crazy. Maybe entertain a little. Read some books. This intercession, that last one involves reading Mark Twain's autobiography, which will be quite a challenge even though he is my favorite writer, because it is 663 pages of the smallest type imaginable, and I find I don't read as voraciously since I have to wear reading glasses. Also must try out my new set of acrylic paints. I have artistic impulses, but I'm not a painter of my sister's talent, never have been, never will be. So no Hudson River School landscapes for me! The next Nileston News that's brewing, perhaps? Try cartooning with a new medium? 

During every break I always resolve to write more, and I generally accomplish that goal, but this month I had hoped to pitch an idea, maybe to a market that's a reach - maybe to a comfortable one, not sure - and then work on the story since I am certain it is a winner, a sure sale. However, the big nor'easter (we got 18 inches I think, although it was hard to tell since it drifted so badly...I was shoveling forever) meant we had to come back two days early from the Christmas visit to S'ville, and that meant I had to cancel the interview I'd scheduled. I have to get busy and re-schedule it, hopefully before the break ends. Time's a wasting!

I have several consulting days lined up this month. That will divert my attention from recharging I guess, and it is in the academic arena, but the arts flavor can be very inspiring. Then, it will be back to semester's planning in no time. Time's a wasting again! Get busy on relaxing!

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