Thursday, January 06, 2011

Had fun yesterday - probably more than if we had been able to attend the SoS. We watched it on the Internet after we got home from Lee. I was impressed! Loved the graphics, saw some painful truths and there were even a couple of laughs. Having said that (and I hate to admit this), I (and lots of others) have become so alienated and dispirited about the entire political arena that it is going to take a big lift for me to feel differently. But then, setting the bar low may lead to an unexpected pleasant surprise. Too many people become naively infatuated with the flavor of the day -- and are wildly disappointed when achievements fall short of their rosy expectations.

Added: this irritated me when I read it in the "paper" but I forgot to look for it and link. Is he for real? Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address? A speech during the Civil War, at a battlefield opening a soldier's cemetery = NYS SoS speech circa 2011? Hey Casey, 1980 is calling. It wants its overhead projector back.

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