Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's still Tuesday to me! Nice three day weekend in S'ville. We left the tree up! It is just like the day we cut it, probably because the heat is turned down low. Technically, it is supposed to be up 40 days after Christmas = February 3. We still have it up in C'ton, too. That one is more dry. It was fresh cut too, but we keep the house very warm for Sophie. The livingroom is particularly toasty, so I doubt we will make it the full 40 days here.

My first day on campus will be Thursday. I still have to revise my syllabus for foundations, but toleration, the online class and the independent study are finished. I don't have copies made to hand out in class any more, instead I email attachments to students the day before class. This saves paper, but causes me to procrastinate! If I had to have copies made, I would need to be done a few days sooner.

The storm today is a shoveling nightmare. I only got about 1/4 done, will have to work on it again tomorrow. It is so heavy - it slides down the snow banks (which are high, and now slick) so there is no where to throw it - and I'm afraid the sidewalk that I clear becomes very slippery because of the light drizzle. What a winter!

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