Thursday, August 26, 2010

Worked a long day, about 12 hours. But I finished my syllabi and the online class BLS site so it was worth it. I still have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow (and hopefully there will be enough breaks in the rain for me to pick the tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers...not to mention weed whack). I'm taking Friday off, going on a short road trip to meet a friend I've known since the first day of kindergarten (44 years!). She's dropping her daughter off for freshman year of college. Fun, but the timing isn't great.

Still, I'm in OK shape. It feels very hurried, though. It's complicated by the consulting project, not only does it take time, but the good impacts I've noted on myself have extended from cartooning to changing a lot of assignments. Injecting them with a shot of creativity. I tweak every semester, but a major overhaul doesn't come around very often. This is partially fueled by a need to make changes in the assignment where I found plagiarism last Spring.

The schedule this semester is strange. My thursday class will only meet 12 times, instead of the usual 14. Two classes to cut. Need an injection of creativity there too! Also there's the need to add in some current issues, among them: more on immigration, the mosque in NYC controversy, and some new examples of ethical lapses. How to do this with two less classes!

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