Thursday, August 19, 2010

The countdown to the semester is here. I am busy, busy, busy. Juggling the consulting (which revs up during the K-12 academic year) is going to be a challenge. Right now my to do list is long! Going to Samsonville this weekend, and Cortland next weekend, that's not exactly helping. Oh well. I'm sure it will work out.

I spent the past two days with teachers, in workshops, preparing. Lots of interesting things developed, but nothing to write here at the moment. Not enough time, and I still need to parse it - figure it all out, including what I am comfortable sharing here.

Blackboard was down today for maintenance, so making progress on syllabi etc. was not possible. I'll have to get up early tomorrow to make up for it.

Teddy/Theo is adjusting really well, he's such a sweetie. No problems with the dogs at all. He's not thrilled over the switch to canned food, but I notice he is already more perky. He has discovered how to use his own legs!

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