Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Tuesday Too

1.) Scientists have predicted the earth will be swallowed up by the sun in 7.5 billion years. Will humans still be around then? Have they already gone to another planet? Did they incinerate themselves eons before the sun ever sucked on the straw? Write 2 paragraphs on the last days.

I'm fairly imaginative, but 7.5 billion years is beyond my imagination. So I have no clue.

The Sun was hot. It was hungry. It cast a beam around, trying to choose some refreshment. "How about Mars?," it thought. "Nah," the Sun eventually decided. "Green people are bitter." It continued to search. "Hmm...maybe that cute one instead?," it wondered, then it flickered, taken by surprise when the Dogstar pleaded for Pluto to be spared. "OK, Sirius," grumbled the Sun. It resumed flashing its beam, pausing occasionally to consider the alternatives. Its mouth watered. "Look at all those refined carbohydrates," it said. "Yes. I'll take Earth."

The Sun grabbed Earth with a blazing beam of light. Pluto and Sirius started to tremble. For a minute, flames shot all the way to heaven, then suddenly, the blaze died down to mere embers. The Sun spit the big rock out. Earth resumed its orbit. "What happened?," demanded Mars, who had been feeling very lucky. Earth shrugged. "I thought I was a goner for sure. Then all that snow in Gina's yard nearly extinguished the Sun!"

2.) What does the earth's tombstone say?

So, did you remember to bring flowers?

3.) Do something nice for mother earth today. What will you do?

Something that would also be nice for Ms. Kitchen. (Good thing there are no fruit flies in the winter.) I will stop procrastinating, and wade out to my recycle bin to dump the nearly overflowing pail of organics. I may have to take a shovel along.

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