Monday, January 06, 2003

Obviously, I haven't been doing much posting here lately. Chalk it up to the holidays, and for a while I was feeling kind of under the weather. I think I am on the mend now. I finally finished my students' grades for the semester, and since it is intercession, I am trying to take some time away from the computer. I am giving my back, hands and eyes a break.

I have a long and probably unrealistic to do list. I may make a batch of blonde fudge for Black Dome Press today. The goal is to pry an answer from them - any answer. If it is no, I am considering self-publishing, using someplace like iPublish. It will probably cost me a few hundred bucks, but I think it could sell enough copies to at least break even. I'll have to research this of course.

I am reading Charming Billy, by Alice McDermott. So far, it is a good read. There's nothing like a good book for burning the midnight oil.

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