Monday, January 20, 2003

Tidying up, getting organized. Getting ready for the new semester. Took down the Christmas tree, don't laugh! Yeah, it was kind of crisp but no worse than past years. The Samsonville tree will come down next weekend. Both were fresh cut so it seemed a shame to not squeeze every minute out before disposing of them. And, I got a new computer, new office chair, and two new computer desks. All must be in place so the computers can be networked on Friday. This project was long overdue.

Friday night the shower and kitchen sink pipes froze - I think it was something like 15 below and of course we forgot to keep the faucets dripping and closet doors open. The kitchen pipe burst, and once again we were treated to a flood and no water for a spell. All is repaired now.

Today we did something very, very hard, regarding being honest with a friend, about something that just might be none of our business. It seems appropriate, amidst the straightening up, to take care of unfinished business that has been bothering both of us for a long time, but that didn't make it easier. Now I feel relieved and sad at the same time.

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