Thursday, January 02, 2003

Happy New Year 2003! Will the rest of this winter be as snowy as the first part, I wonder?

Tuesday Too? Two days late!

1.) What was the best moment/time for you in 2002?

1. January: Getting a positive letter about my Mimmie book from a publisher.
2. April: Receiving a copy of my education book in the mail.
3. August: Taking that first swim in the new pool.
4. December: Opening a Christmas gift, a 97-year-old copy of Harper's Weekly, about Mark Twain's 70th birthday (thanks Ma).

2.) Is there something significant that will be different for you in 2003? How come, or why not? about get more exercise, learn skilled relaxation, not worry, eat right. Why? To be healthy. And continue to pursue publication. Why? To be happy.

3.) Some people really enjoy celebrating New Years. Do you? Do you have a ritual associated with the arrival of the new and passing of the old? What is it?

Not really. Some years we go to a party, some years we go to Albany's First Night, some years we go out to dinner, some years we stay home and watch Dick Clark on TV. When I was a kid, I always spent New Year's Eve with Mimmie, drinking tea and talking all night.

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