Monday, April 15, 2013

The bad:

After a day and a half of effort (bad), I got the taxes done and mailed. Feels good to have it completed, but it is such a frustrating annual task!

My new lap top arrived on Friday (yay, this part is good) but I was too busy doing my "civic duty" (bad) to do more than plug it in and be sure it works (it does, another "good."). Now for more bad: Over the weekend a fb friend wrote about her hassle with Windows 8 and there were a few commiserating comments! Oh great. I like Windows 7 a lot. Will my new Win 8 machine suck? :-(

Sad doesn't begin to capture what this is. A year ago, I wrote to Price Chopper and told them I would never shop there if this happened. I am now going to cut up and send my Advantage card to them.

The good:

My father's 86th birthday! My sister hosted a party. (I didn't get to the cake in time to snap a picture when the candles were on it.)

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