Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I had a wonderful Easter, starting with Holy Thursday at Sacred Heart (where Bob was asked to bring up the oil of chrism, and I was so pleased to see everyone admiring the kid's mosaics), Good Friday, dinner at my brother's, Mass Easter morning at St. Augustine's, brunch afterwards at my other brother's, and celebrating my sister's and brother's birthdays!

We went out to eat on Friday night after the service at church. When we got home, there was broken glass all over the place  in the road. There was some on the sidewalk as well. Also on the sidewalk was the back of what appeared to be a large picture frame. There was no photo to be found, though.

We suspect someone in a car threw the photo out of the window, perhaps in the midst of a (drunken) fight, then stopped or came back later and retrieved the picture, since it would be incriminating evidence. We immediately swept the road and the sidewalk, cleaned it all up, and then when we got home last night, Bob dumped our trash can into a bag, since we know the glass would be everywhere again if the can was emptied the way it was. What a mess! And what a jerk whomever it was who did it.

It was very cold last night -- this morning we awakened to a flurries. It was only a coating, enough to cover the ground, but still! It's April! 

Still cold in Samsonville but at least the snow is gone

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