Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just got back from campus center. It felt to me almost as if was my first day on campus for the fall semester -- the temperature, the way students were dressed, and my reaction to the cacophony and crowds. There was a table set up with giveaways of sandwich wraps, tee shirts, basketball key chains. What looked to be a mini-roulette wheel was being used to determine winners, and a large group of students was gathered around. One week of break and already my self-diagnosed agoraphobia has reared up? Another issue, I am tired. I should be well rested from my lovely time away from the grind, but habitual late nights and being able to rise (& shine) when it suits me takes a toll. 7 a.m. is not my preferred hour for rising and certainly not for shining -- especially given the !@#$%^&* too-early switch to !@#$%^&* daylight savings time (in rebellion I considered keeping my wrist watch on standard time), so by mid-day I find myself looking forward to the day being over. But I shouldn't wish my life away, and so instead I'll dream about a nap. Unfortunately, a cup of coffee will have to do!

Turning over an academic writing opportunity. Conflicted about whether to do it.

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