Saturday, March 10, 2012

I am perplexed about how old Rosie is and also what could have been her story. In terms of age, she has a couple warts. I don't think dogs get them until middle age. In terms of her story, she does not bark, has not even woofed once. I looked it up on the internet and there are four reasons why a dog would not bark. 1-breed (but beagles are not one of them) 2-deaf (she can definitely hear fine) 3-vocal cords cut (a possibility, but my nephew rescued a dog who had that done and she still barks, she just makes a raspy sound) and 4-traumatic experience. I think that is pretty likely -- whether dropped or otherwise lost I can't imagine this tiny dog on her own in the world. Had to be awful. And I suppose her former home could have been mean to her, although she begs for people food so much and is comfortable getting on the couch so that seems hard to believe. I didn't find anything about shock collars causing it, but maybe that is it? Everyone's reaction is "that's great, better than yapping all the time" and of course I don't want her barking like crazy constantly but I'd like to know that she can bark. And I'd love to hear whether it is a beagle bark / howl.

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