Thursday, September 02, 2010

Ugh. I wonder what happened to him after this? Out to pasture? Life of abuse? Sent to slaughter? Will Disney show his last years? Nah. Of course not. It will be Disney-fied. In Disney's world, horses just love to run races in beastly hot weather, care about winning, and don't seem to mind breaking their legs, and slaughterhouses, abuse, and euthanasia are never the outcome. Or at least they are not common. The Disney equation is horse racing enthusiasts = horse lovers.

I remember July 6, 1975. It is seared into my mind. I was 13. We were at a BBQ at my parents' friends' house. A horse race from Belmont was on television. A promising Thoroughbred named Ruffian was running. My mother was interested because it was a filly - a very young one, and she disapproved of horse racing (still does, maybe more adamantly). Ruffian snapped her leg. Big surprise! Horses that age do not have leg bones that are fully developed.

She was euthanised the following day. Another big surprise! Horses are not good candidates for that sort of repair surgery. There was a movie made about her in 2007, but somehow I doubt it was a Disney project, unless they were able to Hollywood-ize the ending. I'd never watch it, of course.

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