Saturday, September 11, 2010

It is such a beautiful blue sky day, strangely reminiscent of nine years ago.

I have a hard time with September. Not because of my birthday next week, which I don't mind at all. Still one year on the right side of 50! Or is that the left side?

I've written about my ambivalence toward September many times before, and so won't rehash it all now, but instead will link to this. (Have to now add my little Ande to the list.) There are many more things I could add as reasons - but that will keep - for another time, or forever.

A bunch of stuff is keeping right now - again, maybe forever. It's the kind of stuff that makes writing in a private journal appealing. (But I probably won't do that either.)

Two fun things I did recently: the Chatham Fair last weekend (I love the showcasing of agriculture at fairs, and that has become the one I usually get to in the summer), and the Bridgeport - Port Jefferson Ferry yesterday! Wow! Only way to go to LI, wish I knew that long ago.

Today is the Castleton village-wide garage sale! We participated last year - but are too tired from our travels yesterday to bother with trying to sell our junk. Still, it is worth the trip.

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