Wednesday, September 01, 2010

First day of classes (for me) yesterday. I walk into my office early (for me), snap on my computer, and get ready to get working. Have to print rosters, email students, make changes to documents, print a few other things, and make some copies. The PC had other ideas. After sitting idle for nearly four months, it won't let me log on and go into Windows. Freezes every time I boot, and even Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't work. It also won't go into Safe Mode. I forlornly (and nervously) watch as it is taken away. Sigh. I hope this isn't a warning, a harbinger of a bad semester looming. If I didn't have to teach, I would have just gone home.

I managed, used the white board rather than handouts for discussion questions, scrambled to print a few things in the GA office and make a bare minumum of copies (which weren't enough, naturally). Hopefully the machine will be fixed and I will be back in business tomorrow. Luckily I had my blackberry with me yesterday, but that is a poor substitute, and I don't get work-related email on it.

Classes were good overall, despite technology's betrayal.

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