Thursday, May 27, 2010

I didn't bother to take the test described here, but I have taken the written test for a driving permit four times in my life, most recently a year ago.

I got a score of 100 every time. I did notice that there are a lot of questions now about DWI, so the test is about half road signs, half DWI questions. In the past, I remember there being more questions on things such as right of way, emergency situations and exotic turns.

I've written more extensively about my efforts to get a license here.


Elaine of Kalilily said...

Neither my son or daughter ever wanted to drive. My son, now 40 still doesn't (but he lives in Portland OR, where there's a good public transit system. My daughter learned to drive when she was 40 and finally a mother and moved to where there was no public transit. I learned to drive college, where my roommate was take the course on how to teach driver ed. She taught me on her car. The older I get, the more I defer the driving to others

howzerdo said...

Luckily Bob doesn't complain about always having to drive, and I have many friends and relatives who helped me out a lot when he was in the hospital and recovering, since the public transportation in Castleton is almost nonexistent. I can definitely see why that would be the impetus for getting a license. Bob likes driving less as he ages, eventually we will have to move into or at least closer to Albany.

howzerdo said...

Something I forgot, it helps that I don't care too much about going places that are too far away for me to walk to them!