Monday, May 24, 2010

While I'm at it, I am going to air an unrelated (to the last post) gripe about the TU blogs. Most of the regular reporters treat them too much like just a part of their job. That means "banker's hours," very M-F 9 to 5-ish. Posts are few and far between at other times, relevant stories are missed, and comments go unmoderated, which completely kills the thread because commenter dialogue is disjointed. They also give "hat tips" in print to blogs that are not very active. Whatever the (many) flaws of the TU, its electronic presence is impressive, but this isn't what blogs are supposed to be.


J said...

The hat tips are given to try and increase blog traffic. It's also the reason they do contests including little read blogs and blogger bios.

howzerdo said...

J, yeah, I know they want to increase traffic and many of the threads they highlight are good ones, but lately it seems like too much of the old Life and Leisure content (which is now already too thin) is simply copies of blog post and comment. It's as if there aren't enough reporters to write features.