Sunday, May 09, 2010

Betty White was so good on SNL...that it made me realize (even more than I already knew) how much the show has sucked for the past 30 years. The show tonight (I guess technically it was last night, but I haven't been to bed yet so...) was great. She was awesome. You go, girl!!!


Elaine of Kalilily said...

Yes, I hardly ever watch SNL, but I actually stayed up and did for Betty. She's got a new sitcom coming up on the TVLand channel. I would watch it just for her.

howzerdo said...

When I do watch SNL (rarely), I can't get past weekend update. Last night they gave Betty all of the "dirty" lines -- she is such a good sport. TVLand, hmmm, might be a reason to get cable. Or maybe I can watch it on the web?