Friday, April 30, 2010

Last class of the semester for Thursday night, and it ended on a good note. Yippee! My sense is that my (average) afternoon class and my (troublesome) Thursday evening class did fine. It was my (wonderful) Tuesday evening class that seems to have taken the biggest hit from my two week hiatus! Go figure!

Something happened in that class - a guy had a panic episode during his group's presentation, and he packed up and left. They handled it beautifully, but the following week, a bunch of students bailed at the break, and the following week when I was back, attendance was terrible. I don't know if any of it is related to the student who bailed during the presentation, and I don't know if his panic was aggravated by my absence.

Anyway, one more campus day (5/4), and then grades are due May 17. The spring semester of 2010 draws to a close - and marks my tenth year of teaching. Still love it!! (Furlough or not.)

Although...the furlough thing has me furious. I work from home three days per week, and go to campus twice a week. I have the same workload regardless of whether I am getting an unpaid "day off," whatever that means. I doubt the university is going to suspend classes (not that it would matter until Fall at this point) and the May 17 deadline isn't changing. Finally, I will get paid this summer for an assignment I actually completed during the Spring - it is done this way for cash flow reasons, so summer session isn't as much of a shock. So if the furlough goes through, not only will I be paid 20 percent less for the same work, they will take some money back from me that I already earned, for a time when other workers were not being furloughed.

I have sympathy for the state's dire financial situation, but I don't think the furlough idea is a good solution. The spillover to restaurants, retail, contractors will be felt. Big time. Frankly, it feels like a direct shot at the Capital District.

However, the legislature so doesn't have its act together that I predict the budget extender won't pass (not to mention the actual budget...not on the horizon at all). So then it will be script instead of furlough?

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Elaine of Kalilily said...

This is all why I'm glad I'm retired and no longer a NY State employee. Under these awful circumstances, it does help, at least, to love what you do.