Monday, April 05, 2010

Liz Bishop and John Gray advanced to the bobblehead vote finals! YAY!

There has been some attention on the TU blogs of the popularity contest nature of the competition, and that not enough attention has been paid to the charities. I think this competitor has been most sensitive to the criticism. While I understand the critics' point and don't like popularity contests myself, I am not that much more comfortable making it a popularity contest for charities instead of local media folks. Hopice v. Special Olympics? How could I ever choose? Special Olympics is sports-related, maybe that should be the deciding factor. But I know Hospice is a terrific organization. Choosing between charities would only work for me if one was an animal welfare organization. Everyone knows what I'd choose!

Basing it on the charity really doesn't work because people who go to the game are getting a doll, not a tee-shirt with the charity's name. Which face do they want on the shelf? I assume that's how most fans are deciding. But I won't be going to the game and getting one, so I don't care about the actual doll. Then, why do I care at all? Well, because it is a fun kudo for the winner. Why not just admit that?

I am really torn. Choose Liz because she started out as a sports reporter and broke barriers, or John who is so "hometown Troy" and writes my favorite newspaper column?

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