Friday, January 22, 2010

I was so tired last night! But I will get used to my routine again. The two classes I had went well.

I was inundated with emails this past week or so from students asking to get permission numbers, since all my classes have been closed for a long time. That happens every semester, but it seemed even more so this Spring. I was worried there would be 25 people at each class asking to get in. I was prepared to take names and decide who would get in later, after prioritizing them.

I can't handle classes of more than 35, and I don't want all four of my classes to be even that big, I prefer around 30, maximum. It's too much work for me, and also the dynamics of the class suffer when enrollment is too large. This semester, with Bob's upcoming surgery, I am sure to fall behind in February, so I have to be especially careful not to over burden myself.

Luckily only a few showed up at each class, so I could let them all in. I guess students send mass spam emails to many professors and see what the responses are, they just want to get into any class and don't want to put in the effort to go to each one.

In the toleration class, I was a little concerned to see that there are only two freshmen. It is supposed to be a freshman class, and in the fall, 75 percent of the seats are reserved for new students. In the Spring, it is first come, first served, so the seats go quickly to seniors, juniors and sophomores, because they register first.

There are four or five students in the class who have taken classes with me before, and one student in my afternoon class - which always helps the class atmosphere.

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