Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Noted. Why does the "paper" constantly lament what we are interested in, and sniff about what we should be reading instead? And when the subject is animals - the horror! The economy! Healthcare! Climate Change! Needy people! So much more important!!

The irony - why do you suppose the linked post (and the two links within it) were written? To grab a bit of the traffic generated by Luna. "I love animals but..." don't you just love that? Why is it necessary? The writer knows what they are writing is pure evidence of just the opposite. But it shouldn't have been covered so much! But other things were neglected! And who cares anyway, wink-snark?

I haven't jumped into writing on this subject before today, but I was delighted when she was found, wondered what the h-ll was going on at the vet's office, and I say good for the owners that they were able to get the media and the community involved. The folks who blog for the TU must have to avoid the subject of pets to keep the workplace civil, you think?

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