Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I was interrupted twice by the phone while I was eating dinner. The first was a recorded message from Tom Suozzi, asking for support in the primary. That's the third time I have been called. But I guess it was intended for Bob, since I can't vote in that primary.

The next call was from a fundraiser for the Shriners. He asked if I knew all the great things the Shriners do for handicapped children, and I said "no." So then he delivered the pitch. They are looking for donations so they can take kids to see the circus. I patiently listened, and when he got to asking me to contribute, I said, "I am against the circus and I would never pay for anyone to see it." Which is true, even as a kid I detested the circus. So he said, "would you be willing to donate a small amount, how about $10?" I thought, hello! Did you listen to what I said, or are you just reading off a list of responses when someone says no? But I replied, "the amount is not the issue. I think the circus is animal abuse." And then he hung up on me!

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