Friday, September 26, 2003

We got a new (to us) truck. It is a 2001 Dodge Ram, which is a bigger truck than either of us wanted, but it is pretty hard to find a good condition used truck, and this one is mint. Someone at his office asked him what color it is, and Bob said, "mid-life crisis blue," which I thought was pretty funny. It's nice, but I don't care about vehicles all that much. Bob didn't want to go another winter without four wheel drive, and I don't blame him. We travel a lot between Samsonville and Castleton.

There were a couple of things in today's paper that really irritated me. A big topic in media in recent months has been whether government is intruding on our rights, specifically because of the Patriot Act and the associated "climate." I don't generally comment on such subjects, either because I have mixed feelings or no informed opinion on the subject. But from time to time I think, I wonder why there ever is a controversy, because people routinely want to intrude on the rights of others, and so willingly surrender all sorts of rights, and it has absolutely nothing to do with federal intrusion. In fact, many of these folks probably question federal intrusion, but happily embrace such local control:

Quick! Call Chem Lawn! Now, I think it is a good idea - part of a social norm - to mow the grass in cities, villages and suburbs (some parts of rural areas have different norms, and of course hayfields are in their own category), and I like mine reasonably tidy, but this is ridiculous. Or how about, yardsales are tacky in the 'burbs, so lock these enterprising people up. If this is all the neighbors have to worry about, they live enviable lives. (One the other hand, I guess if is this is what they care about, then their lives could never be enviable.)

The latest antics of the creeps that tore down the Defreest-Church House. Proud to say, I am still boycotting Target. There was one close call. My niece (who had the twins) was registered there, but I printed the list from the Internet, and took it to Toys R Us.

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