Thursday, September 18, 2003

Today is my birthday, and so far, it has been a good day. I was awakened at 6:40 am by the telephone. I am not exactly an early riser, but I jumped out of bed and it was my brother, singing happy birthday. After I got to campus, a florist delivered a beautiful, and very fragrant vase of flowers from Bob. Then, an emailed birthday postcard arrived from my sister, complete with a verse from Shakespeare. Two friends from my former workplace came to campus and treated me to lunch in the fancy dining room. I bought several bags of miniature candy bars, and handed them out to my class (that always helps the end of semester evaluations a lot).

Back in my office, a second delivery person arrived, bearing a tray of organic chocolates. (This confirms my belief that as an old lady, I will be living on tea and toast [I'd starve before I'd eat cat food], because Bob will have spent all our money.) Tonight, we're off to Villa Valenti, my favorite cozy restaurant (heavenly homemade pasta and specialty sauces, and a great salad bar) and this weekend, my mother has promised to make me a lasagne dinner.

Last night, Rudy and Sophie shared a big box of new toys, rawhides and denta-bones from Drs. Foster and Smith, and this weekend, Hobo will be getting a new plush toy too, in honor of Rudy's special day. My first birthday card came in the mail yesterday, and inside it said that my in-laws bought me a three-seat glider for the yard in Samsonville.

As years go, 42 looks promising.

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