Wednesday, September 03, 2003

The first day of the semester was hectic, mostly because a lot of students were scrambling at the last minute to register and many came to see me. I also started my classes. So far, enrollment has not changed a lot from the rosters. The day class will wind up with about 30 students, I think. The night class is going to be small, probably less than 20 students, maybe even only 15. That will be nice, it really changes the atmosphere. But for most UA undergrads, even 30 students is a small class. The online class has about 30 registered, but I always have a lot of dropping in the beginning of that class, so it might be smaller than usual, too.

I decided to add in the opportunity for students to attend an occasional real-time chat, and I offered the first one today. I am not making it mandatory, as the course is supposed to be asynchronous, and that is one of the reasons that some students take it, otherwise they would have schedule conflicts. Three students "came," and to tell you the truth, that was probably close to as many as I could handle at once, without having my fingers fall off.

The weather is so-so, overcast, chilly, looking like rain although it is not raining at present. My feet have been flaring up for about the past week, I guess it is time for a new pair of orthopedic shoes. I am on my third pair in 15 months. That's the last pair I had "in stock" so I'll have to make a trip to the Dexter outlet. I have been wearing the new pair for several days but so far they aren't helping much. It takes a while to re-adjust.

But neither the weather or my feet matter much at the moment. The start of the semester is exciting, and I have good vibes about my classes. My niece, who is a fraternal twin, had twins today, a boy and a girl. They are a few weeks early, but everything is fine and they are not too-too tiny (4 lbs. 14 oz. and 4 lbs. 2 oz.). And, miraculously, Hobo is doing well, he is on a stretch of quality days.

So you might say I am having a good day.

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