Thursday, September 25, 2003

Groups, Part III. So, I prepared a little speech to give at the beginning of class - about how process matters as much as outcome, and sometimes groups are dysfunctional, which is a learning experience in itself. I said I have chosen to teach, after working for years as an administrator, and I would not rather be doing something else like research. After that, I told about the group experience in the online class v. their class, and how I intervened in the electronic world. Why didn't I do the same thing in the face-to-face environment? I don't have the answer. I explained that although I am generally easy-going, a few things really piss me off - including cheating, plagiarism, and being disrespectful of peers.

I delivered my scolding to an attentive class. But guess what? The boy and one of the girls didn't show up today. I guess they showed me, eh?

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