Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Happy Birthday Rudy!

Today is Rudy's birthday. Eight years ago I was very sad, because a week before, my dog Howie had died. Howie was over 15 years old and had been failing for a while. He was a somewhat grumpy dog, very smart, and he worshipped me; the feeling was mutual. He wasn't like sunny-dispositioned Rudy in very many ways except for their shared half-beagle ancestry, and the hanging down ears that are the result of being that breed.

Howie's other half was schnauzer, while Rudy's is probably collie. Rudy, his mother, and his littermates were on television and in several newspapers in 1995. They were used to generate publicity for the shelter, and the pups were given away in a lottery. My number was the final number drawn, and Rudy was the last puppy left. I'll never forget the teary-eyed mood I was in when I went to MHRHS that day, or the surprise and joy I felt when my number was called and the attendant handed me a little tri-color puppy. I think God knew just what I needed.

Since that time, I have been a big supporter of the shelter, and every year on Rudy's birthday I send MHRHS a donation to thank them for my wonderful dog.

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