Sunday, June 01, 2003

I'm kind of sore but I'm glad I did that work outside -- since it has done nothing but rain ever since! I pulled out bamboo grass that is invasive in Castleton. After I finished, I had a pile about 7 feet high! I also uncovered three clumps of poison ivy. Every year I "suit up" and remove it. I was too tired to do it after the bamboo challenge, but I think tomorrow will be nice again so it is on my to do list.

Speaking of being nice outside...I hope something gives soon, because the Gully Brook (the real thing is behind the house here in Samsonville) looks pretty threatening for what is usually a gentle, even intermittent little stream.

An "alert reader" (I don't read Dave Barry much any more but I remember that from his column) notified me that the pictures were not loading in the new Battle of Saratoga virtual museum. I checked it from both machines in Castleton, and it seemed fine, but here in Samsonville, they didn't appear. That's the problem with using software that makes webpage design easy, you don't "see" simple errors in the HTML code. In this case, it was pointing to the network drive -- which both Castleton machines can locate, of course. So I'm proud to say I managed to fix it using Notepad. (I don't have any other options on the S'ville machine.) Those two seminars on HTML that I took for work years ago really have come in handy.

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