Tuesday, June 10, 2003

There may not be a Tuesday Too.

1. Why do you do these memes? Why do you think people in general do them?

The only meme I have ever done in this ejournal is the Tuesday Too. I started to do it last year when I was new to web journaling because I saw jf's invitation post in the user to user area of blogger. At the time, I didn't have any clue there were memes, I just visited her site, liked the idea, the questions, and the responses of others, and decided to respond to them. I figured, if all else failed, I'd have something to write about once a week, which at the time was my goal for posting.

Maybe others respond because memes are prompts for things to write about? Also because it makes one part of a group, a club, a (gasp) clique?

2. Do you read the responses of other people when they meme?

Yes, I always read the responses of the other TT participants. The questions were good, I don't keep a blogroll, and it gave me a few journals to read now and then. When I come across responses to some other meme, sometimes I read the answers, sometimes I don't.

3. What memes do you try to always do, and conversely which do you avoid, and why?

I always do (did?) the TT, I have never done any others. However, pre-electronic journal, sometimes I would get what I now know to be a meme emailed to me, with instructions to answer and send on to others. It was never as frequent as once per week, and usually there were numerous questions that elicited snappy, short answers.

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