Monday, December 15, 2014

The shill activity continues. A new one surfaced yesterday. He alleges to be a 90+ year old WWII vet who said he is praying for me and will ask his congregation to do the same because I am mentally unstable and remind him of his daughter who is also mentally ill. LOL! My mother was furious when she read this bully's post on our FOCSS page. She said, if he os really a WWII vet, it's a wonder we won the war. And, if the FB picture is really him, it was taken 40 year ago. LOL again. I think I know who he may be, as the writing style is telling. Let me put it this way, it is someone very important over at Stewart's. At the same time the new social media person is busily threatening commenters and hiding comments. Hopefully, they are being paid adequately for this job! Ya think maybe the boycott and advocacy are working?

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