Monday, March 04, 2013

Something else I wanted to post on Friday but didn't: We were discussing super heroes (can't remember why, possibly roku-sparked). Neither of us had much interest in them when we were kids, but agreed that Batman was our least favorite. Bob said he'd always preferred Superman. I said my favorite was Superman. (But not the movies; I read and sort-of liked the comic strip.) I guess I identified with the high school geek element. I have two piercings in my left ear (and one in the right). In the extra hole, I often wear the (above) green spider earring. I find it rather amusing, since I was bitten and got very ill from a poison spider in 1984. But the coincidence of my teenage affection for Spderman had never hit me until now. I don't think I have any special powers though. (What's more ironic, that picture I took resembles a tick, ewww).

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