Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I am working diligently on my to do list, but I fear it is overly ambitious for spring break and I am destined to be disappointed with my accomplishments.

Spring officially starts tomorrow -- LOL! I suspect we will have a snowy April. I thought faith formation might be canceled last night due to the storm, but the snow didn't start until 7, just as class was ending. 

We talked about the new Pope, looked at maps of Argentina and they found Buenos Aires, we studied a print of the batik St. Francis (unknown, 17th Century), and continued the mosaic project. They are coming out great! While they were working, we reviewed what we've learned since October, starting with St. Kateri. What did they remember about that lesson? That there was a mouse in the room! Also that Kateri was born near Fonda, NY.

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