Friday, October 12, 2012

On Tuesday I lugged items from my one room schools collection to class. It's kind of a hassle (my classes are pretty far from my office) and I never know if it will be worthwhile. I always bring books and documents with me, but this semester I added some of the object I have, including a student's slate and an inkwell. The above blackboard is the teacher's, and it is made from painted wood. It would be cumbersome to take it to campus, so I just showed them this picture. 

I brought them back from Samsonville when we were on the way to Boston (never wanted to risk them with the dogs in the car). Afterwards a student came up to me and said how much she loved seeing them and appreciated that I brought them in, then asked if she could help me carry them back to my office! How nice, there are other young people in this world who were raised right. Next semester I will bring my suitcase with wheels to cart them, and maybe I can add a few more.

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