Tuesday, October 02, 2012

My father, sister and BIL have been in Boston since yesterday. He had pre-operative testing, and his surgery is tomorrow. My mother and brother are going out tomorrow, and Bob & I are going on Thursday. My other brother will keep all the animals happy in Samsonville while we are gone. Please pray for a successful procedure and swift recovery.

My sister reports, on the secret facebook group page she has set up, that he thinks he will be visiting Pluto or Mars and he will tell us all about it when he gets back tomorrow night!

Bob & I had our first catechism class last night. We focused on Kateri Tekekwitha. I brought corn muffin snacks, and they were thrilled. One boy asked me, "why are there no drinks with this snack?" [oops]. A girl asked us to bring chocolate chip muffins next time. Some unexpected excitement: there was a mouse in the room! We had fun, and I think the kids did, too. At times I had an image of "Kindergarten Cop." LOL. 25 college students is definitely easier (though somewhat less fun) than 9 third and fourth graders.

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