Saturday, July 07, 2012

Roku brings a whole host of movie choices in an instant. This can be wonderful, or it can border on too much choice -- the myriad of icons, descriptions and previews are even more dizzying than channel surfing as Bob flips through. Add to that our having only partial overlap in our preferences, and we could wind up watching movie trailers all night.

If you suspect he likes action while I prefer chick flix, you would be mistaken. While it's true that I don't care for spy movies, I really hate all movies of the You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle variety. I'm into documentaries, with historical being my favorite. He likes some documentaries, but not as a steady diet. And though he doesn't dislike action and adventure, his taste runs more to science fiction. I appreciate science fiction if it leans toward sociological themes rather than to violence.  We both enjoy some comedies, but my taste is pretty narrow. I don't like just anything put out by whomever is the current flavor of the day, such as someone recently on SNL (a show that I don't like very much in general).

Neither of us enjoys horror movies. So our usual pick is an indie drama, though recently it has seemed as if we've seen all the promising new releases in that category. Maybe that's not possible -- the selection seems infinite. But see paragraph #1, above. My feature that some say is a bug switches on. It is the characteristic that makes me not see, hear or remember commercials unless a cute animal is in them. When I am overloaded, the surfing becomes a blur and I can't absorb the movie icons and titles. I need to re-boot and start over.

Anyway, since we both like old movies a lot, last night we landed on Sunset Boulevard. Surprisingly, neither of us had seen it before. What a great movie! was extremely hard to put Carol Burnett's spoof of the characters out of my mind!  Afterwards, I just had to google it and watch a few clips. Hilarious!! Have to see if that show is on Roku. That's one comedy we can agree on.

Unrelated: bite on my shoulder seems a tiny bit better. What a relief!

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