Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Graded the first essay assignment in my summer online class. It wasn't that many, but I am tired from it and glad to be done. I want to go out and groove with my plants!

The enrollment this summer is small -- 17 students at this point. That isn't my smallest summer class ever, but it is second. In '07 I taught it as a 12 Week all summer rather than as a 6 Week 2, and although I loved that format, it only resulted in 12 (serious) students registering. It was awesome. Also awesome but in a very different way, last summer I had over 40 (which I would never allow during the academic year, but since there are incentives in the summer, and even I (gasp) respond to incentives...).

Generally I get around 30. So I am not sure what is up this year. Winter session tamped down summer demand? The economy --who wants to fork over a grand for a summer class?

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