Thursday, July 12, 2012

Buying pool chemicals, major watering, then off to Samsonville for a few days. We'll go from there to Long Island for an overnight on Saturday. Bob's youngest cousin is getting married. We'll take the ferry back to Connecticut and go back to Samsonville on Sunday, then back here to Castleton on Monday. I am very anxious about my plants, since if it doesn't rain they really should be watered on Saturday. But, I assume they will be OK. I'm also not crazy about leaving Sam, Rosie and TB/TC for a night. They are well-taken care of but they are not crazy about being left, especially at that house. You'd think animals would glory in being in "the country" but that hasn't been true for any of my pets. They are creatures of routine. At least I will get to swim and check the Samsonville plants -- I hear kale is ready and the scarlet runner beans are blossoming. Keeping my fingers crossed that no bugs get me -- and that the snake leaves me alone too.

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