Monday, July 16, 2012

Back in Samsonville; the wedding was nice. There were sad and bittersweet moments amidst the happy ones, of course, when the absence of Bob's mom was noted. She had a big aura.

The trip itself was OK -- traffic in the NYC-metro area is always heavy, and on the way back after leaving the ferry we got caught in a parking lot on I-84 headed toward Danbury. So we got off the highway and I consulted a map. We took Route 7, then 22, then 343, avoiding 84 and the thruway entirely! It took somewhat longer than the highways would have if there was no traffic, but we traveled through a beautiful part of Connecticut (overall a really nice state once you get away from the wealth and congestion of the coast anyway). The animals were fine but they missed us so much -- this morning upon awakening, all three were staring at us. Did they sleep at all? Or did they just watch us all night as we slept to be sure we weren't going anywhere?

Big news: General Joe's Barbecue took second place in the people's choice of the Troy Pig Out for the second year in a row! They also got a photo in the Record. You go, guys! Next year, nothing will keep me away.

More big news: The pool is finally looking good and I took my first swim on Friday. 

The last big news: it rained yesterday! At least in CT and Samsonville...hope the same is true of Castleton. Today it is going to be 90 plus. Hang in there, plants!

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