Saturday, February 18, 2012

Yesterday was a very long and draining day -- up early to drive through MA and CT to get to the ferry for a trip across the LI Sound to Port Jefferson. My MIL's condition was very grave indeed. The news from the doctors was not good, and during lunch the conversation centered on those inevitable topics that we go through life hoping to avoid, since denial is so much easier. After we returned we were presented with a surgical option with lots of risk, but it offered the only hope. So, she had emergency surgery in the afternoon, has survived the critical 12-24 hour period, and although critical, appears to be stable and possibly improving. So maybe things are looking up. Bob will return to downstate tomorrow, but I am going to Samsonville, and will pick up one of our dog crates. Hopefully there is a Bagel in my not-distant future, and all will be right in my world once again.

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