Saturday, February 11, 2012

Don't feel much like writing here. Eventually I will likely write more about Sophie, as I did with Rudy -- but it will take time to gain perspective. I already went through my pictures -- her life spanned the time when I transitioned from regular print photographs to a digital camera to a smart phone and so there were many places to look. I found about 75, and now we have to select five for her urn, which has a photo cube design.

Bob had said that he didn't want to get another dog, because Sam might be better as an only dog. But Sam is subdued, and could use a companion besides TB/TC. So now that our "wegalicious" is gone, Bob went on petfinder -- before I did. That has never happened before. I've also done some light looking. Over the years, we transitioned from small dogs to larger dogs, but now we have to go back to small-ish. It has to be something I can lift easily. We are not going with tiny -- but instead thinking of the 25-35 pound range, a young adult that can handle Sam's enthusiasm. A female bagel, if we can find one nearby.

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