Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I am not a sports, especially football, enthusiast -- but I will always remember that Sophie left us on Superbowl Sunday 2012.

After her long gradual decline -- stretching back years -- her final journey was a quick one. She even went out on her leash twice that day, and ate a meatball. But she was weak, and her hearty appetite abruptly vanished.

When I spotted her back in late 1999, the most pitiful dog in the pound -- did I envision what her life would be like? Her allergies and skin issues, her grumpy personality, her adorable behaviors, her worship of Bob? I never imagined she would have such a long life, but no dog could ever live long enough to satisfy me. I wanted her to live forever.

For the first time we did not do a backyard burial in Samsonville. Instead, on Monday afternoon we went to Buddy's Place and had her cremated. I've never been crazy about the idea, but it was strangely comforting. We witnessed it, bought an urn, and were able to bring her ashes home that evening. She wasn't crazy about Samsonville or the outdoors. So now she can stay in the living room in Castleton. Near her futon and the fireplace. How empty that space seems!

I walked around yesterday on campus, numb. It was a good distraction to be out of the house, but difficult at the same time. I was thinking, passing students on their way to class and campus center, can they tell how sad I am? How tired? However, my self-consciousness was unnecessary, because it was unlikely I was seen at all. Their focus was solely on texting as they hurried along, as it always is.

RIP dear Sophalina. I miss you more than words can say.

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