Friday, January 27, 2012

It seemed like a long week. I only spend two days per week on campus, but resuming that routine is tiring. My classes are good overall. I think I will have to stay on top of Toleration, which is both large and a little juvenile in atmosphere. Seems to be composed of two large groups of freshmen who know each other from the dorms, and then the remaining half of the class consists of upperclassmen who won't pose the same challenge. The snazzy new classroom with its tables and computer chairs arrangement rather than desks is probably going to be a hindrance to classroom management, unfortunately. The structure of rows can be handy sometimes, even though I am going to love the tables for Foundations. I think both on campus sections will be a dream. Too early to get a sense of the online class, and that is not helped by my lousy computer situation. It's on its way -- in Pennsylvania in transit at the moment. Expected delivery is listed as today, but I anticipate tomorrow given that it is not currently on a truck in the Capital District.

I spent today working on something unpleasant. One more effort to collect what is owed to me. I did get a response, but not from the check signer. I am not optimistic. Something the correspondent shared was that the behavior is irrational, either passive-aggressive or approach avoidance. I've heard of passive-aggressive before, of course, and even labeled some actions that way -- but approach avoidance was new to me, although I am familiar with social psychology. I googled it and found it an interesting confidence -- also useful, and glad I have not encountered it much in the past.

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