Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I threw in the towel and ordered a new PC. I'm all about opportunity costs of my time right now. It will be here next week, but until then I have to rely mostly on the laptop when I am home. I hate the keyboard, can't type on it for ... Can't wait until the new machine arrives, but I refused to pay $50 for faster shipping. A week or so isn't that long. So glad I have been copying old writing to this blog, photos to facebook and made the little Mimmie book for Ma's birthday. Or else so much of it would be lost. I do have a lot of flashdrives, though. All unlabeled of course!

Her actual date was Thursday, and I gave her the book on Friday, but we celebrated Ma's birthday on Sunday. Stopped at Shop Rite in New Paltz on the way home from the funeral on Saturday to buy ice cream to go with the cake. It's a small, worn out market that appears to cater to students -- Bob joked, "it's right up our alley." (Which is true.)

It's been a long time since I bought any brand of ice cream besides Stewart's. I picked up a -- what is it? It certainly isn't a half-gallon -- bigger than quart / smaller than half gallon of Breyer's and was shocked by both the size of the carton and the price (over four bucks)! With our large group of ice cream lovers*, I would have had to buy two. It really hit home, what the homemade signs in Stewart's assert - they still make half gallons and the value beats all competitors. Luckily, there are two Stewart's between New Paltz and Samsonville, so we stopped at one and the flavor of the week was just the kind I'd planned to buy: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry -- a real half gallon for $3.19. You go, Stewart's!

Also: Watched Cuomo's budget address. Wasn't as funny as the SoS! But some of the things he says really hit home.

Finally, I'm all ready for my classes to start tomorrow. That's saying something, what with the computer crash! And I submitted the Winter Session grades today. 

*It's true, demonstrated by my father having a soft ice cream shop in the '60s known as Dino's Kwik Stop -- but that's a story for another day.

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