Sunday, January 08, 2012

I'n not a sports enthusiast, least of all a football fan, so maybe I shouldn't have an opinion on this, but when I heard on the news last night that they planned to do this, I thought it was a crazy idea. How distracting would that be for the players? So I think the prohibition due to copyright is probably a good thing. If not being able to watch the game is such an issue, why not bring a tablet or smartphone? How silly that this is a problem. Why can't people just be present -- instead of so addicted to the big screen that they can't bear to miss one game. DVR it, for pete's sake. It is ridiculous -- just stay home and plug in; watch others living, rather than living yourself.

Now this a little strange given my remarks about plugging in rather than living. Here goes anyway! I am psyched that Downton Abbey Series II starts tonight!

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