Friday, February 11, 2011

This was taken Palm Sunday 2010 at St. Augustine's. When I was a kid, for a couple years there was a man who played guitar and sang during Mass. It was the Godspell-inspired folk music that was a fad in church during the '70s, and he sat in a pew with the congregation, not in the front or back of church. That was the only time in my memory that we had instrumental music at St. Augustine's, which does not have a regular choir or organ player. In the musical aspect it is a big contrast to Sacred Heart, which has a phenomenol director and choir. It's like a weekly concert. So beautiful. At St. Augustine's, currently there are two songs per week, sung a cappella. (Psalm 118:24, God Bless America, and Holy, Holy, Holy are the favorites.)

Palm Sunday 2010 was extra special. St. Augustine's has had the organ from nearby Boiceville (which closed during the Diocese reorganization) for the past few years but still no organist. The mother of a neighbor of ours was visiting from England, and she is a retired music teacher. The neighbor is a professional musician. She does not go to church with us, and neither is Catholic, but they offered to come to Palm Sunday Mass, play the organ and sing. She took this picture of us afterwards, posing inside our beloved little mission church. She sent it last week. It was kind of dark but I lightened it a bit and I'm pleased with how it turned out. A new picture for my compilation!

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