Friday, February 11, 2011

Isn't this backdrop a little too busy? And wow, is that new logo ugly or what? Looks ridiculous pasted to the front of the podium. So tacky.

I've been with SUNY in some capacity since 1988...RF, System, UA. (1978 if you count my days as a student at SUCO and SUNYA.) I think this is the most awful marketing design in our history.

About the substance of the article, I have mixed feelings. We are between a rock and a hard place in terms of funding. So many competing demands for the State's money. At the same time, I know my students are feeling the pinch, just like everyone else. It is costing a fortune.

This reminds me, related to last night's post: I notice a thread running through all my classes this semester. They're "edgier" than usual. What is driving it? This cold snowy winter? The economy and job market? Talk of budget cuts? Gender mix? These are outspoken times? Luck-of-the-draw sample of students? Classroom setting? Or have I finally arrived in terms of sparking provocative discussion?

It's exciting when it is volatile, but I do have to be careful about the atmosphere. I read a reflection yesterday written by one student I know from the past. It was about the difference in tone between the classes. The one last semester felt warm and fuzzy. It isn't that this spring feels nasty to her; she is afraid she is less knowledgeable compared to her more glib peers. I doubt that is true. It's just that she is sweet and not as assertive. I will have to be sure to work on making everyone confident enough to raise their hands. Frequently the quieter ones do have something great to contribute.

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