Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The governor's debate Monday night was funnier than any sitcom. I am not sure how they kept it together on stage, I would have had a hard time not laughing. I love this song! Gotta love NYS. Pluralism in action! Appreciated the madam too, challenged my stereotype - she seemed much brighter than I would have figured. But I had the image of Biff's Hill Valley in Back to the Future 2 in my mind with her vision of casinos as the solution to economic difficulties! 

It was sort of absurd with all the minor parties diluting things, but it was good TV and it actually changed my mind...I was planning to vote Cuomo (although I was also considering writing in John Nemjo of the "Green Tea Party" who has no platform and his campaign slogan is "I can't do any worse") - but then it hit me - Andrew is not his dad. I was so freaked out over how angry he is (a tag they have plastered on Palladino - who seemed almost calm by comparison. Also, he did not come off as prepared as I would have expected) and also by his remarks on consolidation and centralization of government (hands off my village, Andy) that I have now decided I am voting the Green Party (Howie Hawkes - what an accent! He can't really be from Syracuse). The other issue is hydrofracking - the NYC watershed is a no brainer, but I really do not want my beloved central NY destroyed either. 

I know he doesn't have a chance (and he may not be up to the task anyway) but I think it would be a very bad idea for Cuomo to be elected with the huge margin Spitzer saw back in '06. Look how that turned out! He certainly doesn't need to have an even bigger ego.

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